2017 Renewal Dues are due by November 30th! 



We, the Green Valley Sportsman's Club located in Potter and Raccoon Townships, in order to improve our hunting and fishing conditions, realize that our efforts are in vain unless we cooperate among ourselves as a Club.  Realizing that we must adopt a form of organization that will most effectively serve to protect and defend our interests and improve our conditions as sportsman, this organization will endeavor to unite all members, regardless of craft, nationality, sex, race, creed or political belief.  We will at all times observe a policy to improve our conditions as sportsman.  We will provide a safe place to conduct shooting sports, teach others to properly handle firearms, cooperate with the NRA and other Sportsman's organizations to conserve our natural environment and wildlife.  We will protect and defend the right of our citizens to own and bear arms.  We shall extend every effort to abide by the principles herein set forth to perpetuate our Club and work in concert and solidarity with all like organizations to bring about a higher standard of sportsmanship.



We also offer the following public activities: Basic Pistol Class, Protection inside the Home Class, Protection Outside the Home Class, Ladies Pistol Class, Family Firearms Class, Ham Shoot, Turkey Shoot and Archery Shoot.